What is Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing - An Overview If you’re someone who has only used traditional marketing methods to promote your business, the term “digital marketing” may sound like a whole other ball game. But when it comes down to it, the basic fundamentals of digital marketing are the same as those for [...]

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3 Major SEO Trends in 2021 – What to Watch Out For


When it comes to attracting customers online, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a common marketing strategy that many marketers utilize. If used correctly, SEO can undoubtedly be the most fruitful and effective tool to help businesses dominate the online world. SEO is constantly changing at a rapid pace, and keeping [...]

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6 Benefits Of SEO For Small Businesses


If you’re running a small business, marketing will be a key component of your success. Marketing allows you to distinguish yourself from competitors. It’s how you funnel in new customers. And, when it comes to digital marketing campaigns, your SEO can make or break your small business. Despite the title [...]

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What Is Digital Marketing (And How It Can Help Your Business)


Digital marketing. We’ve all heard the term, and we all have a reasonably clear picture in our heads of what it refers to. But just how clear is that picture? For many businesses, digital marketing simply means having a presence online—be it their own site or (if they’ve taken the [...]

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7 Tips To Help You Develop Your Best Content Strategy


You’ve spent a lot of time on your business. You’ve identified your customers. You’ve developed a service they don’t just want but actually need. You may have even spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on developing a full scale digital marketing campaign. But there’s one critical element missing: Your [...]

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Marketing Math


There's a phrase that I use pretty much every single day and this phrase is really the way that I think about marketing and that coveted return on investments. The phrase is, "Marketing Math," and it's a little bit controversial in the sense of, I believe that almost every single [...]

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What Is Internet Marketing? Here’s Everything You Need To Know


Internet marketing. For some people, the concept seems simple enough. Put together a well designed webpage, buy a few Google or Facebook ads and your sales will virtually skyrocket overnight. Except it’s not that simple. Unlike traditional marketing, internet marketing requires adapting to new models. New language. And a constantly [...]

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4 Steps To Having A Winning Landing Page


Let’s start out with a bold statement: Without a good landing page, your online marketing is doomed to fail. The landing page is without a doubt?the single most important element?of a winning campaign. Simply by having this guide, you now have a huge advantage over your competitors. Most advertisers [...]

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